22 December 2008

Area in Profile: Lune Village (WIP)

A few days ago, on my last post I said that "The Café Lodge" was my best map, triumfing with the fact that it was created when I was feeling the most creative. Well, perhaps the creativity that brought that map to life has returned now, because I personally think I've created my best map to date. Lune Village was from the beginning a village I designed in September 2008 to be this dark, rainy area with music. Much inspired by Animal Crossing, the map featured a slow-paced mood with simple music from a golf game and lots of old people to really set the mood.

But recently I noticed that the mood was perhaps a bit different from what its background and especially its name says. On a sign I made in another village while Lune Village still was just a thought in my head I wrote "Lune Village - A place of miracles and mysteries". The guy building the city (I don't mean me mapping it) was a man who was said to possess magic powers and could control the weather and light/darkness on specific places. Well, it didn't look that magical. Just plain sad. Huh? You want to see it? Sure thing:

Not that exciting, huh? Not that it's the worst map I've made or anything like that, it's fine, but it just didn't fulfill what I had in mind. The new map is, well, what I wanted it to be. The new map uses alot more effects and events to make it look good, it has caused some problems with lag but after some editing (and some helpful scripts) it ain't a problem no more. So how did I get the inspiration I needed to find a mood that would suit this map. Well, look past the green grass and nature at its best and you might see a bit of christmas...or do you?

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Exodus Studios said...

You have rocking mapping skills! :O