26 February 2009

News from the developer: 26/2-09

It's been a long time since the last post, and a long time since I uploaded my last video to YouTube. But I've been really busy, unfortunalety not making games but I'm trying to put some time into game development whenever I can and feel for it. To kinda get myself back in shape I've been experimenting to regain creative thoughts. The results of those days has been Boulder Quest, a puzzle-RPG fully created in VX. You've probably seen these kinds of puzzle-mechanics before, but I'm planning to use them in completely different ways.

I've released a demo, or a beta, or an alpha or whatever you may call it and a short video of the tutorial-level. You can watch the video and download the demo, with or without RTP here.

The demo is extremely short, and expect just a few minutes of play, this demo is only for response and for advertisement. It includes the tutorial-level as seen in the video and the first level. You'll also get a glimse of the Super Mario World-style world map as well, which will grow with content as development continues. Oh, and The Explorers and The Residence of Old Riddles are on pause, but not out. The Explorers, however is delayed to 2010 since it's a massive project and I need some more experience before continuing on that one. The Residence of Old Riddles is still scheduled for this fall.

17 January 2009

News from the developer: 17/1-09

This is JoRu with some news from the developer.

I've now decided to use battles for The Residence of Old Riddles. There was alot of talk about that on my RPG Revolution-topic when I didn't use it, but now I've decided to use battles. But of course that doesn't mean it will be an ordinary battle system. While I'm using the famous RPG Tankentai SBS the battles will be pretty different from most other RPGs. First of all there's no monsters or creatures in the game. In a place called Terrano Woodlands for instance there's bandits (or "Rascals" as they're called in the game) and a few other enemies I haven't made yet.

Also, you get no XP from battles. To explain XP in the game in full, you get it from quests and similiar actions. In the main-hub Bouganville you have a house, and your quest-giver, a character yet to be revealed gives you the ability to gain XP. He/She (won't tell you which gender) won't let you sleep to enter the next day until you've gained enough XP. The game is spread out over three days and to gain XP from battles would make the game even shorter than it's planned to be right now.

Now, the battle system comes with a little side-effect at the moment. I've switched back to 544x416 resolution. I'm no scripter, and unless someone could configure the RPG Tankentai to match a higher resolution that will stay. Sorry, but I felt that battles were more important right now. That's all for now.

07 January 2009

Wide-Screen Video

Uploaded a new video from The Explorers, actually not to show off the game but to show how VX looks in wide-screen. It's awfully blurry in Low Quality, so here's the link to the HQ:

This is a video made in a rush, didn't have much time and is nothing special at all. But it's a new video, and some people might actually want to see it. There's a link to the resolution script in the video description. Thanks!

30 December 2008

2009 is on the horizon!

Well, 2009 is on the horizon and it seems to be an exciting year for us all. Both my games have a release-date set to 2009 and while there's no stress to be able to complete that goal it will be a tough year as well as fun.

For the coming days I'll relax and perhaps think of some ideas to add to the games but I'll keep it low with developing and enjoy the beginning of a year with alot of both good and bad surprises from the world awaiting. Hopefully we'll have some great RPG Maker games (and Action RPG Maker games) out in 2009, the world of RPG Making grew tremendously in 2008, I was a part of that growth, and in 2009 I hope that the library of games will bloom and bring us some great experiences even worth paying for.

What's about to arrive in the coming 12 months is not certain. All I want to do now is to sit down, perhaps have some nice, Swedish chocolate and wish you all a good '09.

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas: New video out

Yes, as the topic says: Merry Christmas, and the new video of The Explorers is out for showcase to the public. The video contains as said in the last post some gameplay with a battle taking up most of the play-time. But now, here's the link to the video:

23 December 2008

The Explorers video tomorrow!

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow and here in Sweden that means that it's time to open all the presents! I was planning to make a short christmas game with VX to celebrate but I came up with the idea too late and abandoned it since I wouldn't have time to even do a working and playable game on that time.

However, I will release a video of The Explorers tomorrow featuring the area I presented to you yesterday with some brief gameplay walking around, and afterwards a battle! I haven't shown battles since August so it will be fun to bring that up again, that video got alot of great response and remains my most viewed video on YouTube. Well, that's all for now, just three more hours until Christmas begins! I can't wait.

22 December 2008

Area in Profile: Lune Village (WIP)

A few days ago, on my last post I said that "The Café Lodge" was my best map, triumfing with the fact that it was created when I was feeling the most creative. Well, perhaps the creativity that brought that map to life has returned now, because I personally think I've created my best map to date. Lune Village was from the beginning a village I designed in September 2008 to be this dark, rainy area with music. Much inspired by Animal Crossing, the map featured a slow-paced mood with simple music from a golf game and lots of old people to really set the mood.

But recently I noticed that the mood was perhaps a bit different from what its background and especially its name says. On a sign I made in another village while Lune Village still was just a thought in my head I wrote "Lune Village - A place of miracles and mysteries". The guy building the city (I don't mean me mapping it) was a man who was said to possess magic powers and could control the weather and light/darkness on specific places. Well, it didn't look that magical. Just plain sad. Huh? You want to see it? Sure thing:

Not that exciting, huh? Not that it's the worst map I've made or anything like that, it's fine, but it just didn't fulfill what I had in mind. The new map is, well, what I wanted it to be. The new map uses alot more effects and events to make it look good, it has caused some problems with lag but after some editing (and some helpful scripts) it ain't a problem no more. So how did I get the inspiration I needed to find a mood that would suit this map. Well, look past the green grass and nature at its best and you might see a bit of christmas...or do you?